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Chilean Rainbow

My background is largely in the fly fishing tackle business. I have been an independent sales representative for the past 25 years, traveling the Pacific Northwest calling on fly shops. 

Since the beginning of my time as a fly angler, I have carried a camera. In the beginning, it was just to document a catch. Soon afterwards, it became more than that, with me wanting to share fly fishing with people who had little understanding for it. From there my photography became more of a business, with my selling to most of the known outdoor publications, as well as manufacturers such as Sage , Winston and Ross. I have also showcased my photography with presentations across the country at shop events, club meetings, and consumer shows.

Travel has been an integral part of my experience in fly fishing. Early on, I wanted to see all the places of legend, and have now been to New Zealand and South America nearly a dozen times, as well as most of the Caribbean and Bahamas, Central America, British Columbia and Alaska. It was this long experience in travel that led me to partner with the best fly fishing travel company in the business......Fly Water Travel. I work for and with them, booking trips, leading trips, and counseling prospective customers on the best destinations to suit their needs. 

It was just over twenty years ago that I met Ken Moorish. At that time, Ken was working in a fly shop in Ashland, Oregon. Soon he became the manager of the shop, and before long had gained a reputation as an outstanding photographer and gifted innovator of flies. Better than his talents was the fact that Ken was just a great guy, and he and I became friends through our work relationship. I remember the day Ken told me he and Brian Gies were going to start a fly fishing travel business. I honestly thought they might be entering a market that was already well represented, and was a bit fearful for their success.

The Fly Water Staff

The Fly Water Staff

My fears, these fourteen years later, turned out to be unfounded. Ken chose his business partner wisely, with Brian turning out to have great intuition for the direction to take their company. Brian and Ken have worked tirelessly, but patiently at this business. At the beginning it was just the two of them working the phones, creating  catalogues, and traveling around the world securing relationships with the best lodges. Each year they have added specialists who work with prospective clients about all parts of the world, and now have a staff of eight full time employees.  I work exclusively with Fly Water because I know they are the best in the business. All the staff is obsessed with details, and dedicated to giving honest and realistic recommendations to prospective clients. 

I encourage you to give us a try. The dollars and time you spend on the trip of a lifetime are precious. Together with Fly Water, I will ensure that everything is done to make any fishing trip you take a success. It will be a partnership, and one that I believe you will value with each trip you take.