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                                               TSIMANE BOLIVIA


  • Arguably, the best Golden Dorado fishery in the world
  • Reliable & experienced guides and lodge staff
  • Exotic jungle location makes this the trip of a lifetime
  • Lodges, camps, small rivers,  big rivers, this fishery has great variety


  • Season: May-October
  • Species: Golden Dorado, Amazonian Pacu, Yatorana 
  • Capacity: 6
  • 2014 Rates: $7850 based on double occupancy and 10 nights/6 1/2 days


The remote Bolivian jungle is a long way from most visiting anglers. Anglers fly to Santa Cruz Bolivia where they overnight, and then transfer to the lodges via 6 seat aircraft. The fishing program, designed by Untamed Angling, is varied and interesting. Guests fish three days at Asunta Lodge, and then transfer to  Pluma Lodge.  Both lodges have native villages nearby, which affords visitors the chance to see the life the indigenous people lead. Accommodations are beautiful, with luxury tents mounted on wood planking at Asunta, and all wood accommodations built from native trees at Pluma. The transfer between the two lodges is adventurous, and includes a 40 minute flight, a ride upstream by canoe, and a 10 kilometer ride via jeep through the jungle. There are also out camps near each lodge which are available for the most adventurous anglers.


 The staff at each of the lodges is very accommodating. Guides are made up almost entirely of Argentines who speak fluent english.  Each day is different, with paired up anglers assigned a different beat of river. Often the beat may include a tributary of the main river. Guests are accompanied by one fishing guide, and two native boatmen who either motor or pole a dugout canoe with amazing skill. The terrain and rivers are varied, so guests will fish both from the canoes, and while wading. With bouldery stream crossings, and soft sand banks, this is arduous fishing. Guests should have at least a moderate level of fitness.

The Golden Dorado in this region are mostly migratory. They arrive each year following the migration of the "Sabalo," which is a baitfish the Dorado hunt. Anglers use flies that imitate the Sabalo, almost always on floating lines cast by 8 or 9 weight rods. These Golden Dorado strike viciously and fight with acrobatic jumps. Fish here range from 5-40 pounds, with numerous fish in the 15-20 pound class caught by anglers every trip. They are among the most beautiful predatory fish anglers will ever encounter, with their stunning yellow, orange and black coloring vibrant against the colors of the river and jungle surroundings. Pacu and Yatorana are also present, and highly sought after by the guides and natives. The Pacu is often called the "Permit of the Amazon" because of its finicky nature and hard fight.

Vicious fishes.......

Vicious fishes.......

The jungle is not for everyone. Bees, hornets and ants are plentiful, and snakes and jaguars live in this vast expanse of remote wilderness. And, the fishing can be very physical. With all that said, anglers who enjoy a bit of adventure, and feel that they can wade a boulder strewn river will find this one of the world's best angling opportunities.


There are many great fishing experiences in the world. That said, Tsimane is consistently rated in the top three destinations by our most experienced traveling anglers. With a jungle setting and fish that are not only hard fighting but beautiful, this experience is hard to beat.