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                                      CHRISTMAS ISLAND OUTFITTERS


  • Consistent year around weather & fishing
  • Huge, hard flats make for easy wading & spotting fish
  • Reliable & experienced guide staff
  • Varied fishing environments
  • Great variety of target fish species


  • Season: Year around
  • Species: Bonefish, Trevally, Wahoo, Tuna, 
  • Capacity: 8-10
  • 2014 Rates: $2320 based on double occupancy plus airfare to & from Honululu


Christmas Island is known the world over by fly fishing flats enthusiasts, as one of the places a saltwater angler has to visit. It is on almost everyone's bucket list, and for good reason. Being just north of the equator, the weather on Christmas Island is consistently between 75 and 85 degrees, making it not only comfortable for anglers, but for the fish who like to inhabit the flats. With dependable fishing year around, anglers can count on racking up substantial numbers of Bonefish,  with three species of Trevally,  Triggerfish, Sweetlips, Tuna and Wahoo all being a possibility.

Christmas Island Outfitters can accommodate groups of 8-12 anglers. Guests share bungalows which sleep 2.  The rooms are simple, but clean and spacious, with private baths, fans, and screened windows. There is a communal outdoor bar, as well as a common dining area where meals are served morning and evening. Lunch is provided on the boat.


The guides and staff at Christmas Island Outfitters are the best on the island. All the fishing guides have 13 or more years experience, and are rotated between anglers so that both guides and guests have a different experience each day. Most often guests use the lodge's catamarans to access the lagoon flats. These boats  hold four clients, two guides and a boat captain. As long as four guests agree, the lodge will also transport anglers to fish the interior flats by truck, or the vast oceanside beaches of the Bay of Wrecks.  With good weather, the open water outside the lagoon is always an option for those who might want to tangle with Tuna, Wahoo, GT's, and other pelagic fish.

Very happy client and guide......sightly upset Giant Trevally

Very happy client and guide......sightly upset Giant Trevally

Every potential guest to Christmas Island needs a straightforward talk about what to expect, and not expect. This is a very poor island, in a nation of poor islands. All accommodations on Christmas Island are simple but comfortable, and the meals exceptional given what the islanders have to work with. If luxury accommodations and meals are a must, we might have other recommendations. But going in prepared and with an open mind, guests are almost always pleasantly surprised by how comfortable trips to Christmas Island end up being.


Christmas Island lies about 3 1/2 hours south of Hawaii. Flights leave Honululu for Christmas every Tuesday around midday, arrive on the island in the late afternoon, and depart again the following Tuesday morning. With this arrangement, guests wanting to get all the way to the mainland US can usually do so the same day. Flights are operated by Fiji Airways.