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                                           CHUCAO LODGE-CHILE


  • A divided week between two different lodges makes the experience diverse and interesting
  • Anglers fish a combination of moving water and lakes, allowing guides to pick what is fishing best at any given time
  • The famous Yelcho dragonfly hatch is unparalleled, making for very exciting surface fishing
  • Both Yelcho and Rossellot Lodges are extremely comfortable, and staffed with friendly and accommodating Chilean guides and hosts


  • SEASON: November-March
  • SPECIES: Rainbow, Brown & Brook Trout, Chinook Salmon
  • CAPACITY: 8 
  • 2015 RATES: $5950 per person for 7 nights/6 days


Chucao Lodge offers a unique lodging and fishing experience in the wild country of Chile's Patagonia region. Gonzalo Cortez, owner of Chucao, and author of Fly Fishing in Chilean Patagonia, wanted guests to experience a diversity of what this region has to offer. So, instead of offering just one lodge, guests split their fishing week between two different locations. Both Yelcho and Rosselot lodges are beautifully built from native woods, offer stunning views of their surrounding landscapes, and are extremely comfortable and strategically located.  


Both Yelcho and Rosselot lodges are located on lakes with their respective names. They are also wisely located near the rivers that empty each lake. This creates a tremendous advantage for the guides at Chucao, and great diversity for visiting anglers. At each location, guides are able to position anglers in waters best suited for the time of day, the season, and the weather. It is very normal for guests to start the day fishing moving water with midges in back-eddy's or streamers cast to the bank, and then move to the lake after lunch when both air and water have warmed and the dragonflies and the trout eating them are active. And in both locations, guests are also able to venture from the lodge in order to float a river that might empty in to the lake, or a section of the lake hard to reach during windy days. When close to the lodge, guests return at midday for a hearty lunch and a short rest. When they travel further,  guides prepare fantastic shore lunches cooked over a fire near the bank of the river or lake.


Chile is a beautiful country, full of natural wonders and friendly people. It is worth a visit whether you or an angler or not. However, when you are an ardent seeker of great trout fishing, it is very hard to surpass. Chucao goes a step beyond what many of the Chilean lodges offer, in having so much diversity in truly wild settings. With a staff that is both friendly and professional, fishing that is of high quality by any standards, Chucao is a highly recommended fishing destination.