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I work very closely with a number of fly shops and outfitters in the Pacific Northwest. Each of these shops has their own expertise when it comes to the fishing they like to do, and the waters that they guide. Each of them, as well, lead annual trips around the world with groups of anglers. All are respected, responsible, and charismatic. I encourage you, if interested in travel, to consider joining their groups. Please contact me directly for further information, and if all seems a good fit, I will put you in touch with the group leader. All details are handled by Fly Water Travel.


JUNE 3-11, 2017

Golden Dorado are like a cross between a Tiger Fish and a Tarpon. Add to that the fact that they live in jungle rivers, and they represent a unique fishing experience.

Destination:  BOLIVIA - Pluma Lodge

Dates: June 3-11, 2017

Group Host: Sean Visintainer of Silver Bow Fly Shop

Capacity: 8 Anglers 

Price$6350 per person double occupancy

2 spots open


The remote Bolivian jungle is a long way from most visiting anglers. Anglers fly to Santa Cruz Bolivia where they overnight, and then transfer to Pluma lodge via 6 seat aircraft. The fishing program, designed by Untamed Angling, is varied and interesting. Guests have the opportunity to fish a variety of situations, including the Pluma River, several tributaries, and the larger Secura river.  Accommodations are beautiful, with cabins and the main hall all built with native wood. The transfer to the lodge from the airstrip is adventurous, and includes a ride upstream by canoe, and a 10 kilometer ride via jeep through the jungle. There are also out camps near the lodge which are available for the most adventurous anglers.


 The staff at Pluma Lodge is very accommodating. Guides are made up almost entirely of Argentines who speak fluent english.  Each day is different, with paired up anglers assigned a different beat of river. Often the beat may include a tributary of the main river. Guests are accompanied by one fishing guide, and two native boatmen who either motor or pole a dugout canoe with amazing skill. The terrain and rivers are varied, so guests will fish both from the canoes, and while wading. With bouldery stream crossings, and soft sand banks, this is arduous fishing. Guests should have at least a moderate level of fitness.

The Golden Dorado in this region are mostly migratory. They arrive each year following the migration of the "Sabalo," which is a baitfish the Dorado hunt. Anglers use flies that imitate the Sabalo, almost always on floating lines cast by 8 or 9 weight rods. These Golden Dorado strike viciously and fight with acrobatic jumps. Fish here range from 5-40 pounds, with numerous fish in the 15-20 pound class caught by anglers every trip. They are among the most beautiful predatory fish anglers will ever encounter, with their stunning yellow, orange and black coloring vibrant against the colors of the river and jungle surroundings. Pacu and Yatorana are also present, and highly sought after by the guides and natives. The Pacu is often called the "Permit of the Amazon" because of its finicky nature and hard fight.


MAY 19-27, 2017 

All species of flats fish are available at JDR, but large Tarpon dominate the excitement this time of year.

All species of flats fish are available at JDR, but large Tarpon dominate the excitement this time of year.

Destination:  Cuba - Jardines de la Reina aboard the yacht Halcon

Dates: May 19-27, 2017

Group Host: Dylan Rose of Fly Water Travel

Capacity: 8 Anglers 

Price: $6350 per person double occupancy


Jardines de la Reina was the first area in Cuba opened up to fly anglers. Famous for this, it is also famous for being one of the best preserved marine habitats on the entire planet. Fiercely protected by the Cuban government and the fishing outfitter who holds the license for this area, only a limited number of anglers and divers are allowed here each year. Being 50 miles off the southern coast of Cuba, all accommodations are aboard boats. Our group will be on the smaller, comfortable yacht Halcon.

Jardines has all flats fish. Bonefish are plentiful, and many Permit are landed here. Resident Tarpon live here all year long, but we reserved this week for a special occurance which happens only in the Cuban Spring and early Summer.....the arrival of migratory Tarpon. There are no better fish. Our group will fish 2 anglers per skiff, and will have opportunity at Tarpon ranging from 30 to over 100 pounds. This is exciting, world class angling.

This trip includes 5 full days fishing at JRD, all food and accommodations aboard the Halcon, 2 nights accommodations in Havana, and transportation to and from Jardines. Anglers should know that this trip does involve considerable travel, as the destination itself is so remote. Price for this week, aboard the Halcon, is very reasonable at $6350 per person.

Gardens of the king, cuba-hosted by Fly Water Travel

June 24-July 2,2017



Destination: Gardens of the King, Cuba staying at Iberostar Ensenachos

Dates: June 24-July 2, 2017

Group Host: Jon Covich of Fly Water Travel

Capacity: 8 Anglers

Price: $4560 per person double occupancy


The Gardens of the King is a long archipeligo of islands bordering the north/central coast of the Cuban mainland. Although it has not been on the radar of most anglers coming to Cuba, many in the know anglers recognize it as being one of the best Tarpon fisheries in the Caribbean.  The islands of Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenacho literally border the deep water of the Bahamas Channel, which is the major migratory highway for adult Tarpon. But while many areas in Cuba only have Tarpon during the migration, GOK seems to have them all year long. The population of large fish increases dramatically however, in the months of April-July as adult fish are on the move.  The backcountry flats of Gardens of the Kings provide plentiful opportunity at Bonefish, and there are Permit here as well.

Guests in this group will stay on land at the all inclusive Iberostar Ensenachos Resort. This is very high luxury in Cuba, and guests will be comfortable and accommodated with several restaurants, a beautiful beach, pool, and numerous bars. This is a great option for anglers wishing to travel to Cuba with a non-angling spouse or partner. Each day, guests will travel 10 minutes to the marina where they will launch in comfortable shared skiffs for the days fishing. This package includes a night in Havana, travel to and from GOK, 6 full days guided fishing, and all accommodations, meals, and drinks at the resort.