Crooning Cabbie

July 13th, 2014

OK, I have to share the story of my second craziest cab ride of all time. First place goes to the Fairbanks AK cabbie who jumped out of his cab in shorts (in February) to help me load bags. When I commented on his bravery for sporting short pants in Alaska in the dead of winter, it started a 20 minute diatribe on how he had figured out the secret to eternal living. And.....he was dead serious.

Second place goes to my new friend, the Crooning Cabbie from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I jumped in his cab for the ride to my hotel, and vaguely noticed heaps of stereo equipment packed on the dashboard, and below the rear window. I didn't think much about it. Then he said to me, "Señor, My Way?" I assumed he meant the song, so I replied " No thank you," as I have a fervent dislike of that song (that is another great story by the way). Well, not to be deterred, he asked again, and again, each time with me responding that I did not want to listen to that fricking song. Finally, he just stopped asking, and started the music. I did not realize I had entered the only Karaoke Cab in existence.......