I-Cast 2014

The I-Cast show just wrapped up in Orlando. The show itself was pretty well attended, mostly by dealers from the East Coast as would make sense. I think I only had five dealers attend from the Pacific Northwest. Highlights you ask?.........Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and Flip Pallot come to mind. Otherwise, I would have to say my pre-show sales meeting with Buff. We all met on Boca Grande, where we saw the line for Spring 2015, and then went on an afternoon Tarpon search. As it turned out, we searched with live bait, and we found the fish. I think our boat landed five fish, all between 90 and 130 pounds. I kind of bagged on it when I heard what we were doing, but I have to admit it was a helluva lot of fun. 

I managed to quickly walk the aisles of the show while I was there. The two most imitated products were: #1 Yeti Coolers. The look-alikes were virtually everywhere. #2 Buff. Lots of imitations trying to cash in on the Buff brand. One of the nicest things we saw from Buff this time around are their new stripping guards. I think you will like them. Three to a pack, lots of different colors and prints, with a retail of $8.