Knees.....and a Dr's advice

Around the end of January, I was shagging rebounds for my son Teddy.  As I grabbed one of the balls, I felt a tinge in my knee......something had just happened. So, it was sore and I went to the Dr. "Might be a slight sprain. Just take a Tylenol when you need it and ice it from time to time." A month and a half later it was still bugging me. This time the Dr said, "There might be some inflammation.....let me prescribe an anti-inflammatory and see how you do." The next visit I was a bit more forceful and the Dr thought we should get an x-ray. Why? I don't know. I made it pretty clear it was something soft tissue. Of course, nothing showed up on the film. Finally, at my whit's end, I had to call and schedule an MRI. Well, WTF would you know?!! Torn Medial Meniscus. Advised course of action......arthroscopic surgery. First available date....September frickin' 3rd! So, only nine months after I felt the twinge, a repair seems to have been made.