Gardens of the King (unlike Gardens of the Queen) is located along Cuba's north shore, and is made up of a string of islands stretching 200 kilometers in length. These islands were named by Diego Velazquez in the sixteenth century, in honor of the king of Spain.

Located on Cayo Las Brujas, fishing guests of outfitter Fly Fishing the Run will stay at the Villas Las Brujas. This small resort is located right on the water, and has an absolutely beautiful beach adjoining that is pristine and lightly visited. Anglers only have  a short 3-4 minute walk to the marina each morning, where new Dolphin skiffs await them for their adventure on the flats.

Some of the accommodations at Villas Las Brujas

Some of the accommodations at Villas Las Brujas

This area has long been known as a very dependable Tarpon destination. As a guest of Cristian, owner of Fly Fishing the Run, we fished some of the known areas, but explored many others. There was quite a bit of good news in regard to this fishery. First of all, it was great to know that Bonefish here are plentiful, and can be fished for when guests want a change, or when tides are not optimum for other fish. It was also great to discover that there is some very nice Permit habitat here......we in fact caught a beautiful Permit our first morning on our way to a Grand Slam.

One of the flats where we caught a Permit, and saw many others.

Now I knew that Gardens of the King was known for its Tarpon fishing, but not having been there I was wondering how dependable it would be in a time of year like late October. I was really happy with what we found. We jumped Tarpon every day, and saw them on both flats and interior lagoons. Many of the fish were 15-25 pounds, but we saw and hooked fish up to about 60. During the migratory season in Spring and early Summer, Tarpon should be even more abundant, and bigger fish available.

A very nice Tarpon,, jumping near the boat on one of the flats we found to be dependable for Tarpon each day.