I wanted to keep all of you in the loop regarding some breaking news from the world of Jon Covich. All of you know that I have pretty involved with travel these past 5 years or so, working closely with the great folks at FlyWater Travel. You also know, from all my recent posts, that I am really smitten by Cuba, and the great flats fishing it has to offer. To that end, I have been working hard on adding another offering to the list of things that I already sell. With the relationship obviously under great change between the US and Cuba, and with such great interest among American anglers wanting to finally get there, I saw the opportunity to cater directly to these people. I have just recently launched CUBA FISHING OUTFITTERS. This business will deal only in selling travel and fishing in Cuba, and I will be booking all the fishing destinations available on the island. I think I have some pretty unique experience regarding Cuba, having fished almost the entire island, and having a long relationship with Avalon, the longest and most important outfitter in Cuba.


For all of you wondering how this might change my relationship with FlyWater, it should only make it stronger. I have been in constant contact with them regarding this idea, and we will still be working together on all aspects of shop travel to all fishing destinations around the world, including Cuba. Please take a look at what I have so far put together. Recognize that the website, although well on its way, is still a work in progress. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. And please, do click SUBSCRIBE on the landing page so that I can keep you updated on any news regarding Cuba. Also, feel free to pass it along to your customers, friends, and business partners.. I do not think there is another website with as much information specific to the fishing and the related travel as I have put together.