Due to a recent cancellation, the live-aboard yacht Georgiana now has a week of availability during the prime of Cuba's fishing season. Georgiana will moor in the shallow waters adjoining Cuba's Zapata Peninsula. Anglers joining the trip will be picked up and transported via van from Havana, and then access the yacht via flats skiff. Total transport time from Havana to Georgiana is about 4 hours. Included in the package is all transportation to and from Havana, 7 nights food and lodging, and 6 full days of fishing. Half of the days anglers fish one per skiff, and the remaining half with 2 anglers sharing.

Flats skiff returning to the Georgiana after a full day of fishing around Zapata

Zapata is known for having immense flats, with Bonefish very plentiful. These fish average in size from 2-5 pounds, but larger fish are available, all the way up to double digits. There are also Permit here, as well as resident Tarpon up to about 30 pounds. Larger Tarpon are sometimes caught, especially during this time of year when Tarpon are on their migration. There are also large numbers of Cuda, Jacks, and Snapper around Zapata. This is a very pristine and intact natural environment.

Dates of Trip: May 14-21, 2017

Price: $5650 per person

Maximum Number of Guests: 8